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Capabilities Statement

Senior Interior Designer Position Requirements

Educational and Professional Requirements:   Bachelor’s Accreditation (CIDA) approved interior design program   7+ years experience in commercial design developing systems furniture layouts.  National degree with a major in Interior Design from a Council for Interior Design  working in a commercial interior design environment with 5 years of  Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certification required  Position Requirements:   Knowledge  Knowledge Structural Interior Design (SID) processes  5+ years buildable furniture plans, understanding terminology, creating estimates/quotes and installation processes.   Experienced in preparing detailed furniture plans, finish plans, finish schedules, elevation drawings, and detail drawings  Excellent establishing rapport and effective working relationships with clients and co-workers  Past team (work with Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Commercial General Contractors)  Experience requirements  Proficient applications  Proficient  Skilled in Sketchup 3D modeling software  Understanding of  Experience necessary and experience and experience with commercial with commercial furniture, Comprehensive textiles Interior and building finishes Design (CID)  and   of working experience with systems furniture; demonstrating ability to create  plans and drawings to include furniture  written and verbal communication skills and customer service skills to  experience working as part of an integrated and multi-disciplinary project design  and a working knowledge of interior ADA, Fire and Life Safety code  in using MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel & Adobe Suite software  in using AutoCAD & Revit software   ADA, in establishing a WELL and LEED standards project for schedule using computer commercial applications interiors and update  as         Design the Space Inside the Space            Aviar Commercial Space Planning & Design 2410 N. Huachuca Drive                Tucson, AZ 85745                P:  520.624.3342                 Establish, communications to support the design project  Ability to manage  Ability to travel  Problem-solving skills client’s requirements  Willingness  Collaborate  Understands  Ability to create,  Project other project team professionals in providing a better final product   Be for quality and professionalism  Attend occasional representing Aviar Design in the community document and maintain project files including verbal, written or graphic  multiple independently to complete in developing new methods ongoing projects project and meet tasks of tight project deadlines   design efficiency and meeting  to ask questions with other workplace read & interpret management and learn from Senior Aviar design issues construction documents skills to control Aviar Design designers and administrative such as Design designers personnel ergonomics, technology integration,  project hours and budget,   etc.   work with client and  a team player in maintaining Aviar Design’s reputation of being the go to design firm  A/E events after hours for training, networking and marketing,

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